Rockies' producers are committed to the responsible development of natural gas in Canada and to delivering reliable clean energy to consumers in Canada and overseas.

Exporting LNG from Canada can reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by displacing higher carbon fuels, such as coal and oil, which provide roughly 75% of primary energy demand in Asia. LNG also provides a reliable backstop to intermittent renewable power generation, like wind and solar. The affordability and adaptability of LNG enables developing nations to continue expanding electrification of their communities, improving quality of life and economic potential, while its abundance, reliability, and transportability improves global energy security.

Rockies LNG partners and other Canadian producers offer the world's most strictly regulated, low carbon, and socially responsible source of natural gas. Canadian LNG exports will have positive environmental and social impacts globally, and create significant economic and employment opportunities for local Indigenous Nations, BC, Alberta and the rest of Canada.

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Rockies staff visiting with a Nisga'a Nation representative, viewing the Nisga'a Memorial Lava Bed Provincial Park.